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Medication Management

Our Psychiatric Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC) professionals will provide full initial assessment to individual clients and prescribe your medications when necessary, and also manage your medications, with follow-up appointments.

Here at Mind at Peace, we also offer outpatient treatment. This service is best for clients with mental issues that are manageable and bearable and are not required to stay in a medical facility. Our outpatient treatment works well for people who can continue to live normally, work or attend to their daily needs without problems despite dealing with mental issues.

Clients who avail of this service will meet with our counselors weekly or monthly, depending on their schedule, and will work on addressing their concerns and recovering from those concerns. It is a convenient way to ensure they maintain and monitor their progress and have more control over their treatment. It is also a more cost-effective, flexible, and comfortable treatment option.

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